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“Conde Group was a lifesaver for me during a long period of being “on the beach.” Kristin made a special effort to understand my experience and talents and worked with a large potential client to get me in the door. She kept at it for over two months, eventually securing a series of interviews leading to a very nice project placement. The staff handles all the administrative tasks efficiently and made sure the on boarding process went smoothly–and without delays. Thanks again for all your help!”

                                                         – Ben S., Project Manager


“Last year when I started with Conde Group I thought it would never work because of the distance – I’m in TN and Conde Group in CA. But they made the difference! Lisa always answered all my questions (usually within a few hours), provided forms, paid on-time and sent out emails for Christmas and Easter which was really nice. I never got the run-a-round with Conde Group.”

                                                     – Rick B., Portfolio Analyst


“Conde Group was very professional when assisting me with placement at a major auto maker. I was contacted on a regular basis to be advised of the status of the position and where I stood in consideration for the position. Likewise I could reach out to my recruiter and my calls were promptly returned. At every step in the placement process my concerns and the position being a good fit for me where at the forefront. It was the most pleasant and professional recruiting experience I have ever had. Thank you, Conde Group!”

                                           – Terrie L., Instructional Designer


“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Conde Group on a major strategic risk project while I was working for their client, one of the largest auto maker. As a senior IT professional, one feels fortunate when they are able to work with a very professional vendor such as Conde Group. I want to take this opportunity and thank Conde Group and its staff for assisting me with all my questions and issues I had had while working with one of their clients.”

                                     – Majid E., Business Systems Analyst


“I had a great experience working with Conde Group. The best part of their service is that they know their client companies very well so I knew what I was getting into when interviewing for the job. The recruiting process was very quick and the Conde team was very responsive to my needs. Thanks for the experience in working with you.” 

                                            – Douglas L., Contracts Manager


“Most contracting firms hire you, put you on staff at a client site and then you never hear from them again; most people don’t even know their company representative’s name. But at Conde Group, Inc., my company representative comes onsite at least twice a month! She checks on all Conde employees that are on staff here and shows very personal, individual attention. Try getting that anywhere else!”

                             – Christine, Sr. Business Systems Analyst


“This new job is going to make such a big difference in my ability to provide for my children. I hope everyday you go to work you will realize just how much you change people’s lives.”

                                                   – Frank, Sr. Strategic Analyst


“I really like your approach. You are very thorough, candid, and you follow-up. The folks you work with must really appreciate your style. It has been a pleasure working with you. I wish you the best in your career.”

                                                                             – J.Paul, PMP


“I would like to thank Conde Group for presenting me with the opportunity to help your client; it has been a great experience. Your team (Jennifer and Lisa) has been wonderful to work with on getting things ready for me promptly and that reflects on Karen’s good leadership running Conde Group. I look forward to a long term working relationship with you as opportunities arise in the future.”

                                  – Noureddine H., Enterprise Architect


“All of the team members of Conde Group, Inc. make a great impression based on their efficiency and outstanding professionalism in all interactions. I needed an engagement that would allow me to leverage my skills in Virtualization and ITIL processes and by partnering with Conde Group, Inc., I was able to be matched up with a client that allowed everyone to participate in a very successful engagement that went beyond the customer’s expectations. The collective experience at all levels coupled with many years of interaction with various types of corporate clients has allowed Conde Group, Inc. to provide employees & contractors, like myself, to be matched with world class clients that require world class solutions. Conde Group, Inc. provides helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly staff that makes Conde Group, Inc. one of the best organizations I have worked with to date.”

                                            – Jean F., Virtualization Architect


“I was contacted By Conde Group back in 2009 for a job placement with a major auto maker. I was very impressed by the way Kristin presented me to the company and how they were very attentive to my needs while working for their client.” 

                                                           – Eric J., Data Analyst


“The Conde Group was very instrumental in helping me locate a job that fit my skill set. They understood my strengths and was able to locate a job that provided me the challenge I enjoyed, while rebuilding my confidence after I was laid-off from my employer of 12 years.”

                                         – Nina L., Reconciliation Specialist


“As an IT contractor you need to be able to rely on your support team. Conde Group was one of the best companies I have worked for. Their dedication and professionalism is outstanding and I would enjoy working with them again.”

                                                         – Richard A., Team Lead


“I have been with Conde Group for over a year now and they are great people in terms of service, professionalism and overall quality of the work environment. They worked very closely with me to meet my personal needs and they have always given me all support I’ve needed. Last but not least, the staff is great and very easy to communicate with.”

                                                                       – Sami A., QA


“It has been my pleasure working with Conde Group, Inc. to secure the Toyota opportunity. I sincerely believe it was my Recruiter who was instrumental in me obtaining the position. Thank you.”

                                                          – Pete, Project Manager


“I would like to express my appreciation for your great assistance in helping me to successfully secure a new job. You really distinguish yourself from others. Your hard working staff provides informative employer profiles, effective coaching, and timely follow-ups. You and your staff deserve the best recognition in your industry.”

                       – David, Manager Database Administration


“My Recruiter was great. He was very understanding and cooperative and landed me in the right job. He finds quality employees and matches them with the job that best suits them.”

                                                     – Paul, Project Coordinator


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