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Conde Group, Inc. launches Social Media Redesign


(San Diego, CA) In today’s world the information we get, send and use is digital: our phones receive our email, our ipods play our music, we print digital pictures, we use e-forms, we text, we Yelp, we Google.  Conde Group, Inc. is bringing their unique “bridge building” philosophy into the new age with their recent Social Media Redesign.


With their new venture into social media marketing through the use of Twitter, Facebook and a Company Blog, Conde Group, Inc. is now accessible anytime, anywhere.  By connecting to clients and candidates online, Conde Group, Inc. is able to utilize and grow their existing network in a unique and authentic way and tap into previously inaccessible pools of talent.


Moving into 2010, 33 percent of companies plan to use social media to strengthen their brand.  Through the use of Twitter, Facebook and their Company Blog, Conde Group, Inc. is not only sharing current, up to date information and trends in staffing and technology but creating awareness around the current market.  They are also able to reach unique candidates that aren’t on job boards allowing them to stay cutting edge with competitive resources.


Additionally, the relationships Conde Group, Inc. is creating through their new media outreach are not location specific.  This is essential since Conde Group, Inc. staffs projects throughout the U.S.

Although Perin Behar is overseeing their social media management, Conde Group, Inc.’s move into the online community is a team effort with the entire office collaborating and creating weekly blogs.  Specifically, Conde Group, Inc is focusing their Blog to connect with clients, Twitter to connect with candidates by posting new jobs, and Facebook to connect with both.


By educating both candidates and clients alike, all parties are able to make more informed choices, thus creating a profitable relationship that benefits all parties involved.  With a focus on bringing talented and competitive clients and candidates together, Conde Group, Inc. now has additional outlets to serve as a resource to those they do business with.


Check out their updated look online at, follow them on Twitter at Twitter/condegroup, see their weekly blog updates at, and watch them on Facebook.


Conde Group, Inc is a woman-owned professional IT/Project Management staffing firm that has built its reputation and success on our unique “bridge building” philosophy that brings together the most qualified professionals and our valued clients and ultimately turns our client’s vision into results.  Our goal is to match well qualified IT and Project Management professionals to our clients’ specific needs. Conde Group, Inc was founded in 2003 by Karen Conde, a 30- year business professional with experience in various executive level positions in the IT/Project Management training and staffing industry. 


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