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MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK- January 31st, 2009

Conde Group, Inc. announces best year despite difficult economic times


(San Diego, CA)  Budget cuts, bailouts, and furloughs.  Despite being the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, Conde Group, Inc. realized another growth year, making 2009 the company’s best year since their inception in 2003.


Announcing strong growth across the board for 2009, including 3 new divisions, Conde Group, Inc. saw an overall 3% increase despite an industry decline of 7% reported by the largest competitors.

In 2009, Conde Group, Inc. focused their efforts on forming strategic partnerships with both clients and candidates and continued to build its own stellar management team.  They worked hard at focusing on what they do best: being the best in their field, producing quality results with quality staff and taking care of clients and candidates alike.


These combined efforts led to an increase in client base, revenue, partnerships and development of the Conde Group, Inc. internal team.  Growth highlights for 2009 include:

  • Opened 3 new divisions: Government Services, RPO and Accounting & Finance Staffing.

  • Overall client base up 66%

  • 80% increase in new candidate placement

  • 18% decrease in attrition

  • Retained all internal staff with no layoffs


Heather Moyer, President, attributes Conde Group, Inc.’s success to their simple philosophy “We bring quality professionals together and do our best to exceed our client’s and consultant’s expectations.”

By utilizing this “bridge building” technique, Conde Group, Inc. was able to turn their client’s visions into results; consequently adding multiple new clients to their leading verticals: Interactive Marketing & Media, Alternative Energy, eCommerce, Logistics, and Government Services

Conde Group, Inc.’s services helps to strengthen and drive their client’s competitive advantages providing substantial add value to any projects and help companies achieve their strategic initiatives.  By working diligently, professionally and ethically Conde Group, Inc. found the silver lining during this difficult economic climate and once again proved to be the leading Technology Staffing and Consulting firm.


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